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“I love you”-he keep on whispering in her ears. Bella pretended like she was resting peacefully on his lap. But she failed to hide the coyness on her face.
Bella raised herselves from his lap and touched their shadow in the river and created little ripples. They watched the shadow of nature breaking into puzzles.
“It’s getting dark.”- Sam took her hand and winked at her. Winking was always his ‘time to go back’ indicator.
They walked through the small path ,sticking to the shadows of the tall tress on the either sides. Bella, after each steps, felt a little cold in her palm. ‘Why is his fingers are so cold?’ She looked back. It’s getting darker and darker . And the trees are aging faster. Bella looked at Sam. He was talking about something.
Sam suddenly paused his actions when they reached near a mystical golden door.
“Bella you ready?” Sam asked.
She stared at him.
“Goodbye Bella.” Sam kissed on her forehead. “Goodbye?”he pushed Bella out through the mysterious door before she completed her words.
Bella startled and opened her eyes. Her tears made her visions blurry. Her body felt extreme pain. It was hard for her to breathe. She could feel the wounds and stitches in her body. All she could listen was some beeping sound, emergency alarms and weeping and someone crying and murmuring of people.
“Sam?” Her sound become thinner and weaker. No one uttered a single word. But Bella was able to read their eyes.
“I just want to see him once… Again Where’s that golden door?”Bella waited impatiently for an answer while every eyes began to stare at her.

Signature : I love using ‘DEST1819’ as my pen name.

Written in response to #WDYS hosted by Sadje.


Published by Gal of Words

Gal of words✒️, from the world of letters🖋.... Keep in touch to know more about me ☺


    1. Thanks to you Sadje💖U really are one of my inspirations💖. This is my first time responding to a prompt in WP,actually.
      And about the story,(To be honest I’m thinking about it now but if I’ve continued)after few days, Bella realize that it was a dream send by Sam to deliver his goodbye for her. But she believes that the golden door exists somewhere, even though in some other form. She’ll continue to find a way to deliver a perfect goodbye to Sam while people around her misjudge her as a lunatic . And the story will end when Bella finds a way that makes her feel like Sam really received her Goodbye.

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