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“Bella, why don’t you get some more sleep,dear?” -asked aunt Ann.
“But the golden door? ” -Bella sighed.
“Bella, you doesn’t look good. you should rest more. Everything will be alright once you wake up. “
“Yeah, I will. But right now, I need an answer. Where’s that door, the… ‘the golden door’?”
“Bella, there isn’t any golden door here. It’s just, your mind is a little messy right now.”
“Can you ask around ? Maybe somebody could help. I was pushed out and… and I couldn’t say goodbye. Oh my god..I.. “- Bella’s eyes clouded with tears and her voice began to break and shake.
“Sh.. Sh.. It’s okay Bella. I’ll help you dear. But right now you need to catch some sleep.”-Ann kissed on her forehead which reminded Bella of Sam’s goodbye kiss.

Bella’s mind clouded with thoughts. She closed her eyes and tried to get some sleep. Ann noticed the tears rolling down her cheeks. Bella tried to stay calm.
After a few minutes of hardwork, Bella surrendered to a deep sleep.

Aunt Ann was Bella’s only relative. Bella moved to Ann’s house when she was 10, just after she lost her parents. It took 2, 3 years for Bella to return to her normal life after her parent’s death.

Bella wasn’t a people person. She doesn’t welcomes everyone to her space. But of course, Aunt Ann, Sam and Jesicca and Tom was an exception. Afterall Sam brought Jes (Jesicca) and Tom into her life.

“Goodbye Bella…. “-Sam’s voice banged in Bella’s ears. She jumped from her sleep.
Bella looked around . Ann was packing everything up.
“Same dream dear?” -Ann asked.
“Yeah… Nothing more …nothing less “-Bella sighed.
“It’s okay. It’s just you need more time.”
“What? You think one and half month in this hospital bed, doing nothing, just dreaming the same dream everyday isn’t a time ?”- Bella reacted.
“Oh.. Calm down dear. It’s just…”-Ann tried hard to find more words.
“Enough aunt. It’s about me and Sam. I know there isn’t literally any golden door out there. But I wish I could find one. I really need to deliver my goodbye to Sam. “- Bella interrupted Ann.
“Bella…I’m sorry.. But Sam is gone.”- Ann tried to inject her with the reality.
“I know… It’s just…. Okay.. Fine. You won’t get it. I don’t wanna bring it up anymore.” – Bella turned her face towards the window.
“Okay..I’m gonna settle the bills, be right back .”-Ann walked out of the room.
” I miss you, Sam. I know you doesn’t wanna see me sitting in some corner of a dark room crying all day and night, heartbroken. I get it. It’s just, I am not ready to move on. But surely I will. The day I believe you received my goodbye…I’ll definitely move on just like you wished. I promise.”- Bella whispered to herself.

( To be continued )

Signature: I love using ‘DEST1819’ as my pen name.

PS: Image uploaded (The-dark-alley-Photography-by-Kimera-Jam-body-girl-shadows-fog-mist)

NB: I started this story as part of a prompt hosted by Sadje . A special thanks to Sadje and others for your unconditional support and love . Your interest in reading more about the story encouraged me to continue the rest of the same. Thank you everyone.

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