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“Don’t cross the stone arch. It’s the territory of mermaids and huge fishes. They have given us a little part near the shore to enjoy the sea water. So remember to stay on the boundary.” – I remember how mom used to warn me when I wanna go a little more far into the sea.“WhatContinue reading “THE DOORWAY TO BEE’S NEW LIFE”


Oh my lady ! Come down and embrace me.Look how my eyes glitter,Bewitched by your beauty.Coyness or furious?What does the different shades-On your face indicate? Oh my beloved !I believe you are guarded by the angels.They may be jealous of your beauty.No wonder why you remained silent. I can feel your love,You embraced me withContinue reading “MY BEAUTIFUL LADY”

AN INCOMPLETE GOODBYE ( Continuation – 4 )

“Hey Bell, Is everything alright ? Why are you up so early ?”- Jesicca could barely open her eyes.“Early ? But it’s almost 6am.”-Bella giggled.“Good morning Bell. I usually wake up at 7.30 in the morning .”-Jesicca yawned.“Eh? I am so sorry Jes. Go back to your sleep. I’ll call you later.”“It’s okay. Anyway I’mContinue reading “AN INCOMPLETE GOODBYE ( Continuation – 4 )”


The giant lantern illuminated –The blue blanket that covered –The ‘mommy moon’ and the ‘baby stars’.Bedazzled by the vistas,More mermaids appeared on the shore.Everyone hummed along to theMelodies of the wind and waves.And gradually the mommy and her babies –Drowned deep into their peaceful sleep. -DEST1819-Signature: I love using ‘DEST1819’ as my pen name. WrittenContinue reading “THE BLUE NIGHT”


Behind the hills, a –Goldsmith lives.He held up his aureate stone,Each time the moon sleeps.The blazing stone glowed more and more,And the golden rays touched the azure sky.The gilded glint fell on the circle path,And melded with the pile of –Stones gathered at the centre.A flash of white light smeared everywhere,And soon illuminated the emeraldContinue reading “HEAVENLY VISTAS”