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Life is an enigmatic insoluble puzzle. We are living each moment thinking of how to solve it. Each time, we try hard, we ends up in finding the missing tabs and blanks.

Then, what’s next? Obviously, giving a try in finding the missing piece.

In between the search, we may find a lot of scraps, and if we are lucky, we may able to find some pearls and gems. But don’t think that they are constant. Cuz , sometimes we may lose all the precious things we ever had. And sometimes we may even lose the scraps too.

After climbing, falling and searching each nook and cranny, we may realize that ‘may be we could replace it with a better one, or we could just avoid it and fix it with something else’.

Here we go again…. Trying to start all over again, just like a fresh start, with a bunch of new hopes. But in moving forward, sometimes, we may realize how important that missing piece was, and how stupid it was to think of a replacement.

Sometimes we may think of going back albeit we can’t predict how the outcome would be. Sometimes, we may get everything back which would be so nice ,or otherwise, we may stuck there forever; confused, broken,trying really hard to stand again, just like a flower bud; if something happens, it may rot and fall and if nothing happens, it may bloom and shine.

But sometimes we may move forward;pretending nothing happened, acting like we are strong, putting up a smile forever and completely leaving the missing piece behind, just like a clown ; hiding all the emotions and wearing a constant smile.

And sometimes, we may fall doing nothing; neither moving forward nor traveling back. We may wait like a lost kid, for someone to pick up us or to hold and to guide us.

But there are still some other folks among us, who learned to leave the missing tabs and blanks behind, and knows to move forward albeit the puzzle is incomplete. They would always keep the hope in their heart. And will always try… But not let the past to ruin their present and future. They always knew how to float along with the streams of life. And they are the Phoenix of tomorrow.

So the puzzle should be solved wisely. Or I must say ‘we must keep playing wisely albeit we lost some parts in between’. The decisions or the rules that we make are the keys which differentiates each of us from others… That’s the part which makes us an individual.

So… ‘Who are you ? A flower bud, a clown , a lost kid or a Phoenix ?’

signature:I love using 'DEST1819'as my pen name.

PS: The image ‘ LIFE IS COMPLEX LIKE A PUZZLE ‘ uploaded in this page is a piece of art by ‘GAYLE BURRY’.



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