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I was 8 and everyone called me Johny.

It always took half an hour to cross that large and wide river. We always took ‘uncle Eldo’s’ canoe to cross the same and sometimes we would miss our classes due to strong wind and heavy rain.

When uncle Eldo notices a rainbow in the sky, he would say “Go home kids. The journey won’t be easy today”.

It was a sunny day.
“Let’s Go uncle .”- We carefully jumped into the canoe, one by one.
Uncle Eldo took a deep breath and sailed forward.

We were a group of 7, including uncle Eldo. Among us, apart from me, uncle Eldo and my two friends, others were uncles and a granny who were working in the town.

When we reached in the middle of our way, we noticed the sky turning partially cloudy.

Uncle Eldo started to sail more faster. After a few minutes, I noticed the other land from the canoe. And uncle Eldo seemed a little relieved.

He sailed forward, but reduced the speed.
Soon the sky turned cloudy and it started drizzling .

The nervousness again clouded in his eyes. He strengthened his hold on the paddle and propelled faster.

Within no minutes, the sky and surrounding turned darker and dull. The wind became stronger and it started raining heavily.

Uncle Eldo tried to balance his unstable canoe. But it was in vain. Thunder and lightning became stronger. We cried and shouted in fear. Finally the canoe flipped over and we drowned.

The other 2 men saved my friends and they swam into the nearby land. Me and a granny drowned together . Uncle Eldo saved me first.
The land was crowded with a bunch of people.

“Eldo, don’t go. It’s treacherous.”- one of the men shouted.
Eldo jumped into the river to save the granny.

The last thing I remembered, before some men took me to the hospital was ‘a helpless hand stretching out of the fastly floating streams, just like someone waving goodbye and it was as same as uncle Eldo’s.’

Signature: I love using ‘DEST1819’ as my pen name.

Written in response to What Do You See hosted by Sadje.

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