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“What do you see in this wallpaper?”
“Nothing Dr.Paul.”- the man replied.
“It’s okay. Do you wanna know what I see?”- doctor lifted an eyebrow.
“I can see a blue sky with tiny yellow stars.”- Doctor smiled at him.
“Are they blinking, doctor?”- Curiosity aroused in the man’s eyes.
“Not every stars, just one. Why would every stars blink at me? I just killed a person. And he is blinking at me everytime and that’s what making me crazy. You think, they are blinking? No, they are actually blaming the sinners. For a person who is sightseeing would only feels like it’s blinking. For a sinner, it’s actually a curse which makes him insane and highly eccentric.” Dr. Paul laughed out madly.

“Hey Crazy, Who are you talking to? Stop making noise and go to sleep, or else get ready for another shock.”- ‘Guard Peter’ hit on the ‘booby hatch cell’ with his stick.

“Tell him to stop blaming me…. I need another cell. Ouch, my eyes, my ears…..He is still complaining.”- Paul shouted madly.

“Is that doctor Paul? What happened to him? Why is he here?”- A ‘new guard’ asked Peter.
“Mad like others. He was a little drunk that day and a patient died accidentally, because of his fault in the operation.”- replied Peter.
“Why don’t anyone tried to stop him if he was drunk?”
“Most of the people really don’t noticed that he was drunk. And when his junior colleague tried to stop him, he insisted on doing it by himself.”- Peter seemed haughty.
“Oh boy! He should have let others do it !”- the new guard sighed.
“He insisted because…”
“Hey, you two, chain him up and get him to the shockroom. Are you guys blind and deaf? Can’t you see that patient scraping the wall and screaming?”- Superior interrupted, and yelled at them.

“Brother, I am sorry, stop blinking at me…I just wanted to save you… It was an accident… Forgive me and leave me alone..”-Paul continued to scream while the guards driven him to the ECT (Electroshock Therapy) room.

Signature: I love using ‘DEST1819’ as my pen name.

PS: Image credit : Bianca Blanclove on Pinterest.

Written for Dream Interpretation on MLMM

Published by Gal of Words

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