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When I was 4, I stayed awake to see the Santa Claus. I tried hard not to fall asleep. Cuz, I don’t wanna miss the chance again, just like the previous Christmas. So I waited patiently on one of the beds in the orphanage, holding my parent’s torn wedding photo.
I was freezing. I covered myself with an old blanket and waited for Santa’s arrival.
Windows were covered with foggy mist and snow. I saw a vague image of someone. Soon a shining beam entered into my dorm through my window. Will you believe me if I tell you that it was the Santa Claus, passing by, with a new blanket, jacket and socks for me, just like I wished ?(Actually it wasn’t my first wish. At first, I wished for his help to find the other piece of my parent’s wedding photo. So that I could see how my dad looked like. But Santa told me that it’ll take more time to find that and he was in a rush to deliver gifts for other kids, so I asked for the latter).
I believed he was a real Santa Claus and I even considered him as my grandpa and sometimes I really do call him that. He used to visit me on every Christmas and deliver me whatever I wished for, until I started questioning him. So I’m also not sure about his true identity.

When I completed my schooling in a school for orphans, I requested ‘sister Mary’ to help me in joining a college. I knew that was something big for an orphan to ask for. So, I wasn’t that surprised when she rejected my request within a blink of an eye.
It was on the next morning that I’ve seen Santa again, but in another form. He looked like a gentleman, with a clean shaved face and dressed in a neat outfit. ‘May be, because, it wasn’t Christmas’, I thought.
I was shocked when I heard that he chose me to sponsor for my higher studies. “Off duty huh? “- instead of conveying my gratitude, this was the first thing that literally came out of my mouth. And I remember how confusingly he stood staring at me. “Um, I am sorry and thank you for the sponsorship”- I giggled.
I was admitted into a top university for the course that I wished for. And that was the last time I met him. He remained invisible. All he was doing was sending me money orders. He didn’t even wrote me anything, me either. But whatever, I considered him as my uncle. And whenever someone asked about my family, I used to make a short story about my only family member who was working abroad and sending money every month.
After my graduation, I got a good placement in a reputed company with a better salary and I wrote a big thank you letter to my temporary uncle for the very first time. I posted it according to the address in the money orders that I’ve received before.

When I was 28, I decided to get married to someone and dreampt of starting a family. But I felt discomfort whenever I went for a date with someone. On a March, I got transferred to another company with a promotion.
I was shocked. Will you believe me if I tell you that my temperory grandpa or I can call him my temporary uncle, was one of my new colleagues ? He looked like a 58 years old man in a well and neat suit, but of course not a clean shaved face.
He was gentle and affectionate. I called him ‘Dad’. And I told him about my temporary grandpa and uncle, who looked exactly like him. After listening everything, he laughed aloud. I thought I was foolish. Cuz, he was living in that city for nearly 30 years with his family. Above all, he wasn’t that rich to sponsor an orphan.
Anyways, a big gratitude to that man ! I found a partner because of him. But again, the last time I saw him was on my wedding. I asked about him to my husband, but I realized that my husband doesn’t know anything much about that man. (Actually, my husband met me first, and was trying to find me (yes love at first sight, of course!) and I remember what he always says “we are destined to meet each other. Or else how come I met your colleague accidentally ?”.

Again, it wasn’t the last time. I’m not gonna elaborate more. But I saw him as a soldier, once we were attacked in Kashmir (We went there as part of a family tour) . He saved my whole family.

And, now, I am 65 and died of tuberculosis. I saw him before I took my last breath. He was in a white attire. He was stroking my hair till my last breath.

Oh my Gosh ! Wow ! Will you guys believe me if I tell you that I’ve been taken by the angels to the heaven ? Oh! It’s so wonderful here and I’m back to my youth again.
Huh? Why is this scene looks exactly same as that in the wedding photo of my mom and dad ?

Oh my gosh, It’s really are their wedding !Finally, I can see my dad. They turned around.
What ! It’s him again !

Signature: I love using ‘DEST1819’ as my pen name.

Written in response to RXC; PROMPT #244


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8 thoughts on “IT’S HIM AGAIN !

    1. I expected this😁
      I knew that leaving an open hint at the very beginning of the story would enable the readers to easily guess the twist in the ending of the same ☺

      Glad you like it ☺ Thank you ma’am 💖

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