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I remember the day I was born inthe stable,
And how my master looked me with disgust.
I remember the moment I saw –
My mother’s lifeless body,
And how my kins cursed me.

I remember the days of my journey,
And the hardships I faced on the same.
I remember how master tortured me,
And always kept me away from everyone.

I was forced to feed on dried leaves,
While they fed on green pastures.
I was forced to carry heavy loads,
While they were roaming around the fields.
I was left alone in the cold and darkness,
While they enjoyed the warmth-
And light of the fire.

“Everything was same baby,
Other than our colours.
At least mommy could now tell you –
The tale of my toils and struggles,
Albeit, it’s full of miseries and agonies.”

Signature: I love using ‘DEST1819’ as my pen name.

Written for What do You See hosted by Sadje

Published by Gal of Words

Gal of words✒️, from the world of letters🖋.... Keep in touch to know more about me ☺

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