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Ram and Thara has been married for 4 years, but were childless. Ram’s mom , who was a firm believer and a diviner did a lot of offerings to God.

Everyone believed that Thara was cursed. Even Ram, sometimes, hurt her with sharp words, infront of his friend Shiv. Shiv was their neighbour too. Shiv used to retrieve Ram when he start yelling at Thara.

Another year have passed. Thara was upset. She was having severe nausea and wasn’t having enough food. At first, she didn’t notice anything. But when she realized that her period was late, she started having doubts. Ram’s mom was watching her changes. She asked Ram to take her to a doctor.

Ram was extremely happy, when doctor told him that Thara was pregnant. When they reached home, he shared the news with his relatives and friends.

On the seventh month of her pregnancy, Ram’s mom appallingly predicted that, ‘the father of this child would die on the same day of his child’s birth’. Ram didn’t bothered about her prediction. He was eagerly waiting for his baby to born.

After a long waiting, they were blessed with a ‘baby boy’. Thara and her baby was shifted to the room from the ward. Ram’s mom came to see the baby. She looked at the baby with abhorrence. And then she stared at Thara.

Ram attended a phone call and rushed out of the room.

“Shiv is dead” – Ram’s mom stared at her furiously.

Thara’s eyes clouded with tears while she turned her face down with shame and guilt.

Signature: I love using ‘DEST1819’ as my pen name.

Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge #246


Published by Gal of Words

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13 thoughts on “THE PROPHECY

    1. Shiv and Thara was having an extramarital affair. And it was his baby. According to the prediction, the father of the baby would be dead on the same day of his son’s death. ( I am not sure if this what you asked 😅). Can consider Shiv and Thara as the villain for cheating Ram😅

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Ram doesn’t bother about the prediction. So nothing suspicious came into his mind when he heard the news of his friend’s death. He wasn’t a firm believer. So he continues to believe that baby was his own.
          But, his mom finds about her extramarital affair. Till that day, she haven’t told anything to Ram. ( And she won’t. Cuz if I continued the story, I would kill the ‘mom’ character in an accident on the way back😅. So the truth is gonna remain hidden. Only Thara, Shiv and Ram’s mom knows the truth. Thara won’t reveal anything even though she is remorsed)

          Liked by 1 person

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