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Behind the hills, a –
Goldsmith lives.
He held up his aureate stone,
Each time the moon sleeps.
The blazing stone glowed more and more,
And the golden rays touched the azure sky.
The gilded glint fell on the circle path,
And melded with the pile of –
Stones gathered at the centre.
A flash of white light smeared everywhere,
And soon illuminated the emerald valley.

Is this a paradise ?
Or am I in the middle of a dream ?
If it’s not a heaven,
Then what is it called ? I wonder !

Signature: I love using ‘DEST1819’ as my pen name.

Written for What Do You See hosted by Sadje and for Moonwashed Challenge – Gilded


Published by Gal of Words

Gal of words✒️, from the world of letters🖋.... Keep in touch to know more about me ☺

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