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I lost my husband when Jovia was 3. So I struggled and suffered a lot to raise her alone. I am an orphan, so doesn’t have a family to support. And Bobby’s ( Jovia’s father) family doesn’t even visited us since he left. Jovi is my only family. And same for her. I was strictContinue reading “MOMMY IS ALWAYS WITH YOU !”


AN INCOMPLETE GOODBYE ( Continuation – 4 )

“Hey Bell, Is everything alright ? Why are you up so early ?”- Jesicca could barely open her eyes.“Early ? But it’s almost 6am.”-Bella giggled.“Good morning Bell. I usually wake up at 7.30 in the morning .”-Jesicca yawned.“Eh? I am so sorry Jes. Go back to your sleep. I’ll call you later.”“It’s okay. Anyway I’mContinue reading “AN INCOMPLETE GOODBYE ( Continuation – 4 )”


Image credit: Cool Backgrounds on Pinterest When I was 4, I stayed awake to see the Santa Claus. I tried hard not to fall asleep. Cuz, I don’t wanna miss the chance again, just like the previous Christmas. So I waited patiently on one of the beds in the orphanage, holding my parent’s torn weddingContinue reading “IT’S HIM AGAIN !”

AN INCOMPLETE GOODBYE ( Continuation – 3 )

The coldness of the breeze increased as they travelled forward. Bella wiped the foggy mist on the window with her hand. The path became more silent and green as they moved forward.“Why didn’t Ms. Ann join us?”- Jesicca broked the silence.“She don’t think this was a good idea.”-replied Bella.“I won’t support that. But you can’tContinue reading “AN INCOMPLETE GOODBYE ( Continuation – 3 )”


Situation 2 The doorbell rings and your character answers it – finding nothing but an envelope with nothing on it. They open it and follow the instructions. After spending a week with her parents, Catherine was packing everyone’s stuffs to travel back. Suddenly, she heard the door bell ringing. Her mom was feeding her bedriddenContinue reading “WE WON’T MEET AGAIN !”


“I had a brother who was just an year older than me. One day, when I was 4, I cried aloud and my grandma who was preparing sweets for us rushed towards me and carried me to the veranda.” A small village.“What happen sweetheart?”-Grandma asked her affectionately.“Brother isn’t sharing anything with me. He told meContinue reading “IT’S NOT MINE, IT’S OURS!”