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“I had a brother who was just an year older than me. One day, when I was 4, I cried aloud and my grandma who was preparing sweets for us rushed towards me and carried me to the veranda.”

A small village.
“What happen sweetheart?”-Grandma asked her affectionately.
“Brother isn’t sharing anything with me. He told me to go inside and play with my dolls when I asked him to share his bicycle.”- little Jan cried out.
“Jeeva, come here. Grandma made sweets for you both. Have some and I’ll take both of you to show something.”- Gradma called out his grandson.

“Grandma consoled me by treating with delicious sweets and she also showed the same affection to Jeeva too. After we had our sweets, we started walking towards the street, each of us holding grandma’s hands.”

“Who eats red jalebi more?”- grandma asked while we were walking.
“Me.”- Jan raised her hand in a rush.
“Yes, Jan likes to have it more. But that doesn’t mean it belongs only to her.”-
“Why did you say that grandma?”- asked Jeeva.
“Sweetheart, Jan likes to play with her dolls very much . But that doesn’t mean the dolls are only for Jan. And she is forbidden to use bicycle. Our love, care, sweets, toys ,everything belongs to everyone. We should share it with others. Sharing is happiness. It’s always much more fun and beautiful to share everything with others than keeping all to ourselves. “-Grandma smiled while we both stood staring at her.

“Grandma stopped when we reached in a corner. And she pointed her fingers across the street where we saw two children on a bicycle. They seemed very happy.”

“Look at that sweethearts, look how happy they are ,even though they don’t have a mom to look after them,a dad to take care of them.”- Grandma smiled.
“Where are their parents, grandma?”- asked Jan.
“They are somewhere far from here ,honey.”
“Why didn’t they take them along? Won’t they miss them”- asked Jeeva.
“They couldn’t honey. But the children are happy. They are not alone. See, how the big brother take care of his little brother and share everything with him. Look at their happiness.”- grandma laughed.

“We too enjoyed the sight. When we went back home, I took my doll and walked towards my room. Soon my brother stopped me.”

“Jan, Let’s play together. Are you still interested in learning to ride our bicycle?”-Jeeva asked politely.
“Yes brother.”- Jan was excited.

“And he hugged me and apologized for being rude and not sharing anything with me. From then on, we learned that sharing is caring. And also when we grew up, we understood a lot of things grandma said. And we also realized that it was the painting of two kids on the wall and grandma was using it to teach us the importance of sharing and caring “- grandma Jan ended the story while her grandchildren gradually fell asleep just like the previous nights.

Signature: I love using ‘DEST1819’ as my pen name.

Written in response to #WDYS hosted by Sadje.


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