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Cold old days of winter,
I remember the golden days that-
I spent with my twin sister.
We made snow mans and snow balls,
And walked through every path hand in hand.
I stayed always by her side,
And she was always my shade and shadow.

Now it’s summer.
Apart from the snow,
Everything remains the same.
We cross the streets hand in hand.
But nobody can see her now,
Cuz her mortal life just ended.
But she still remains as my shade and shadow,
And I can see her on every path I walk.

Signature: I love using ‘DEST1819’ as my pen name.

Image credit : Marco Bianchetti on  Unsplash

Written in response to  MLMM- Photo Challenge # 426, hosted by Weejars


Published by Gal of Words

Gal of words✒️, from the world of letters🖋.... Keep in touch to know more about me ☺

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