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“Father wants to see you for a last time. When will you be able to visit us?”- Mother sighed.
“I’m busy right now. Will talk about it later.”- I rushed to the meeting room.

Bang, bang, bang !

I jumped from my sleep listening to the big bang of the prison bell.

I took a bath and get ready to get out of the prison.

I got my clothes back. I felt relieved after getting out of the wrinkled prison uniform.

After settling all the official formalities, I took a train from the city to travel back to my village. It has been 7 years since I visited my parents, my home, moreover my village.

I was a sucker for a city life when I was young and I loved new technologies and developments. I was always the first one in the row to listen the city tales of ‘Uncle Pratap’. He promised me to take me to the city once I complete my high school education. And as he promised, he took me to the city after my school life and admitted me to a college.

I always wanted to be like uncle Pratap and I always dreamt of a white-collar job.

Father permitted me to study in the city only because I promised him to come back after completing my graduation. But I studied hard and after my graduation, I achieved a better placement in a reputed company with a high salary.

Within a few months, me too changed according to the city life. I created a huge friend circle and attended a lot of bashes. I spent most of my money and time in pubs. I even started smoking and drinking. I wanted more luxury and purchased a new model car. I was in a rush to earn more. So I started accepting bribes and doing illegal business. But finally I ended up in jail. And I rotted there for few years.

I stepped out of the train. And walked a few miles towards the river. I took ‘uncle Thommi’s’ canoe. He seemed like he don’t recognized me. He stared at me as if he was looking at a stranger. But I recognized him. He became thinner and older. But still got the same strength in propelling the paddle.

I stepped my foot on my village after a long time. I took a deep breath and looked around. No hubbubs, no traffics, no pollutions.

My village was always a heaven in the heart of earth. Golden sun, crystal clear water, rhythm of streams, mooing of cattles, cooing of cuckoos, warm smell of freshly cooked rice, laughter of children, innocent smiles, chit chats of women and elders, how could it not be a heaven?

I was young and doesn’t realized the purity and innocence of my village. I was mesmerized by the city tales. My eyes was filled with darkness, so that I couldn’t realized the beauty around me.

I took my old camera from the bag. And snaped the shade of an old rope bridge in the streams of water. I scrutinized the photo that I snapped . Along with the streams and the shade of the rope bridge, I saw the shade of a boy.

I looked up. He was looking at me through the large gap on the bridge.
“You are uncle Ram, right?”- The boy asked me in excitement .
“Yes.”-I was shocked. But I smiled.
“I am Praveen. I am your sister’s son. I’ve heard about you. And uncle Pratap showed a picture of your’s, when he visited us last time”.

Ramya is my sister. And she was always envious about me leading a luxurious life in the city. Father forbade her to continue her studies after her schooling. When we were young ,she was also there with me to listen to the city tales of uncle Pratap. When my parents tried calling me back to village , it was she who always supported me, even though she was jealous of me.

“Mother wants me to be like you, uncle. I am now studying in class 3. Will you take me to city afer my schooling, so that I can also earn more like you?” -he continued.
“Come home. I was waiting for you to tell me the new city tales.”- I watched the thrill in his eyes as he continued.

I stood in shock , meeting my old version again and moreover I was anxious about the growing city tales.

Signature: I love using ‘DEST1819’ as my pen name.

PS: Photo by  mouad bouallayel on  Unsplash

Written for Photo Challenge on MLMM

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