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AN INCOMPLETE GOODBYE ( Continuation – 3 )

The coldness of the breeze increased as they travelled forward. Bella wiped the foggy mist on the window with her hand. The path became more silent and green as they moved forward.
“Why didn’t Ms. Ann join us?”- Jesicca broked the silence.
“She don’t think this was a good idea.”-replied Bella.
“I won’t support that. But you can’t stuck in the memories of Sam forever. You should learn to move on.”-added Tom.
Bella remained silent.

The car stopped in the middle of an alley. Bella covered herself with a scarf and she picked up the posy of fresh flowers from the seat.
“He is sleeping next to Mr and Mrs Xavier.”-Tom sighed.
“Sam’s Dad and Mom.”-Bella murmured.
“Have you ever been here before?”-asked Jesicca.
“Yeah, once. Just once.”- Her voice shaked.
They walked to the place where Sam and his family rests.

Bella noticed ‘days old flowers’ and fallen petals over his grave. She gently removed them.
Bella picked two flowers carefully from the bunch and placed each one of them over Mr and Mrs Xavier’s grave.
“Hi Sam. It’s been a long time.”- Bella’s eyes clouded with tears. She placed the remaining bunch of flowers over his grave.
Tom and Jesicca stood there in grief. Bella sat near his grave and stared at it.

2 years ago. Death Anniversary of Mr and Mrs John (Bella’s Dad and Mom).
A vintage coffee shop. Bella was having her cup of hot chocolate. She was sitting on the end, at a corner. Bella was staring at the rain.
“Prank the girl at the corner.”- said Paul.
“Are you crazy?”-Sam looked in amusement.
“You lost the bet. Go on buddy.”- said Ben.
“Yeah…But this is childish.”- Sam giggled.
“We are young. So go on Pappa.”- Paul made fun of Sam.
“Fine. Whatever. “- Sam raised from his chair and walked towards Bella.
“Hi”- Sam seated opposite to Bella.
“I’m sorry. Who are you?”- asked Bella.
“Girl, I think I know your dad.”- Sam smiled at her.
“I think you have got the wrong person. “- Bella sounded serious.
“No no. That’s impossible. Your Dad is Mr…Mr John right.”- Sam noticed an old keychain hanging on her hand bag with a carving ‘To my little Bella John. With lots of love ‘Dad” on it.
“Yes. How do you know him?”- Bella became curious for a moment.
“I saw him… I… I.. think a few days before…His car broke down and.. And I met him and I.. I helped him. He told me about his family.He showed me your photo. And…”-
“Stop it. I’ll call the cops if you utter one more word. I swear.”- Bella lashed out at Sam. She furiously took all her stuffs and walked away in a rush.
“What’s with that girl?”- Paul and others joined Sam.
“What happened here? Bella seemed furious.”-Sarah, the shopkeeper asked Sam.
“You know her? What’s wrong with her. I just told her that I knew her Dad. I helped him once and even before I finish my words, she just lashed out and.. “- Sam blabbered.
“You saw her father?”- Sarah stared at him.
“Okay.. Well.. It was a prank. But.. “-
“Oh boy! Today is her parent’s death anniversary.”- Sarah interrupted Sam.
Sam stood in shock.
“Did I just messed up everything ?”-Sam became nervous.
“Yeah. Exactly… Let’s go.”- Ben pushed him towards the door.
“Wait. Ms..?”-Sam waited for an answer.
“Mrs. Sarah”
“Yeah.. Right.. Mrs. Sarah.. Is she your regular customer? “-
“Nope. But she used to visit here every fridays.”
“And today is…? “
“Tuesday… an exception may be!Parent’s death anniversary. Visiting Church or something.”
“This is my card. Can you please call me if she visit here before friday?”-Sam gave one of his personal cards to Sarah.
“Yeah. Sure, if you promise me that you guys won’t annoy any of my customers ever again.”-
“Yeah.. I promise. No.. We promise.”-Sam giggled.
“Remember to keep the pranks out of my shop. “-Sarah waved back.

“Bella..”- Tom called her after a few minutes.
“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just…”-Bella startled just like she woke up from a dream. Tears continued to roll down her cheeks.
“It’s enough. Let’s go back.”- Jesicca hugged her.
“Would you guys mind giving me a moment alone? “- Bella struggled to raise her voice.
Tom and Jesicca looked each other.
“We will wait for you near the car”- Tom replied.
“Okay. Thank you guys.”- Bella smiled in pain.
Tom and Jesicca walked away.

“Sam…I am so sorry. I.. I didn’t even get the chance to say my goodbye to you. And I know it was my only chance . I know there isn’t any golden doors or any other ways to meet you, to deliver my goodbye. I know you are gone but my mind is still refusing to accept the reality. And I miss you . Oh my god.. it’s killing me, the pain. It’s unbearable. I want you to know that I have loved you and, and I’ll love you forever and….and.”- Bella cried out. Tears rolled down her cheeks like a river.
“I can feel you Sam. May be this feeling is the only golden door remaining(Bella paused for a moment). I’m going back. Good bye Sam. I hope you received my goodbye, since I can feel you around.”-Bella giggled in pain. She wiped all her tears. Her face seemed like a red rose petal.

The clock struck 10.30pm.
“It’s been a long journey. Take some rest dear. Good night Bella”- Ann stroked her hair.
“Yes, Is everything okay dear? “
” I hope Sam received my goodbye.”
“Sam really did. It’s been a long day. Sleep tight dear.”
“Good night Aunt.”- Bella closed her eyes.

“The puzzle is incomplete, my love(Sam winked at Bella) …….Goodbye Bella.”-Sam’s voice banged in her ears. Bella jumped from her sleep.
Alarm goes off. It’s morning 5.00 am.

( To be continued )

Signature: I love using ‘DEST1819’ as my pen name.

PS: Image uploaded – From Google.


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