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Image credit; Tivasee @ Pexels

Poor woman ! Her husband passed away on the same day, she realized that she was pregnant.

I remember how we celebrated her ‘baby shower’. It was a great jungle bash. We all joined her happiness. There was a lot of newbies from other jungles too. That was a great occasion. We watched how thrilled she was to be a mother of 4 kids.

Aunt Jo ‘bee’ gifted her those white flowers which she picked from the Eastern forest when she went for a nectar hunt. And I remember how she beautifully decorated Mrs.Scarlet’s nest with the same.
Grandpa Benny ‘squirrel’ gifted her a big pine cone which she always loved to have on winter days. I remember the tears of joy in Mrs. Scarlet’s eyes while she accepted the same from grandpa Ben.
Forest fairies were the ones who gifted her with that huge flower vase and also granted her wishes, while she asked to bless her coming little ones with peace and happiness.
And those medicinal sticks were gifted by Mrs.Scarlet’s cousin.

After a few months of waiting, the 4 little ones were born – Susan, Hanna, Charlotte and Mike. Mrs.Scarlet was a kind woman and a beautiful mother. She taught her children to fly, feed and live on their own. She also taught them to identify bird traps and also some tricks to escape from the same.

But when they learned everything, they decided to live their lives according to their own wishes and Mrs.Scarlet didn’t stop them. Mike joined a travelling troop and went for different journeys. Susan and Hanna found their mates and flew to Southern jungle. Charlotte joined a music academy taught by the Northern Nightingale, somewhere in the Northern jungle. Everyone was busy with their own lives.

She have heard that Susan and Hanna gave birth to 3 little ones. She wished to saw them. But they were busy with their family lives. Mrs. Scarlet was anxious about Mike, cuz there wasn’t any news about him. And she heard that Charlotte married one of her classmates. Mrs.Scarlet prayed for all of her children and their families, no matter what.

Last day, she was very happy to hear that her children and their family had planned to visit her on the Christmas. I remember how she flew everywhere to prepare for their arrival. She made sumptuous meal and waited for them. But they didn’t arrive . On the next day, she fall sick and died alone in the nest.

“Your grandma was such a lovely person. You should pray for her.And this was the picture of her baby shower that she wished to show you”- Aunt zee ‘bee’ hugged Scarlet’s grandchildren, who came for Scarlet’s funeral.

Mary closed the story book and went to bed. She reminisced about her childhood days where her mother used to tell her the same bedtime story and gradually, she fell asleep.

Signature: I love using ‘DEST1819’ as my pen name.

Written for What Do You See by Sadje


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