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I turned off the lights. I can see the flashes of street lights on my window.
My husband passed away a few days back. But I can see his shadow on every nights whenever I turn off the lights on my room. His shadow turns darker as the intensity of the flashes on my window increases.
He always point out his finger upwards to remind me that he is waiting for me, up in the heaven.
He was such a lovely person. Even though, he is dead, he still continued to guard me at nights. But nights are shorter and his shadow fades whenever the daylight touches my room. I tried cursing the sun. I tried doing offerings to the God to make the nights last longer. But nothing really worked.
I was a fool. He wasn’t telling me that he was waiting for me. He was actually calling me to join him. It’s not my guess. I believe it’s the truth.
I love you Nick ! I’m sorry to keep you waiting ! I’m coming for you my love !

“It’s a suicide. She was mentally ill and depressed , I guess. Move on with the other procedures and inform her relatives as soon as possible.”- Officer Benjamin closed her diary , that he found on her bed and walked out of the apartment.

Signature: I love using ‘DEST1819’ as my pen name.

Written in response to  What Do You See? hosted by Sadje

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