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AN INCOMPLETE GOODBYE ( Continuation – 4 )

“Hey Bell, Is everything alright ? Why are you up so early ?”- Jesicca could barely open her eyes.
“Early ? But it’s almost 6am.”-Bella giggled.
“Good morning Bell. I usually wake up at 7.30 in the morning .”-Jesicca yawned.
“Eh? I am so sorry Jes. Go back to your sleep. I’ll call you later.”
“It’s okay. Anyway I’m up. Now shoot.”- Jesicca stretched her body.
“You sure ?”
“Yes girl. I am on my way to the kitchen.”- Jesicca reluctantly walked towards the kitchen.
“Jes, Could you please hold on for a while ?”
“Yeah, sure.”- Jesicca put the call on loud speaker and placed it on the counter top.

Bella noticed a beep in between the call. It was a text from Tom. Bella read it and texted him back.

“Hey Jes, you there ?”-
“Right here. Shoot Bella.”- Jesicca brushed her teeth and started brewing a cup of coffee.
“Sorry to have kept you waiting Jes. It was Tom. He texted me asking if I am free this evening.”
“Um.. actually we were planning to tell you something.”
“Is that anything related to Sam?”- Bella was curious.
“What did you tell Tom ?”- Jesicca asked her skipping Bella’s question.
“I asked him to tell the matter. But he told me that it’s something important and need to tell me in person. I disagreed to meet him today and asked him to postpone. And he agreed. No questions, no answers..that’s it. Now tell me the matter. “- Bella answered impatiently.
“But Bell..what if I told you that it’s something related to Sam ? Would you still rethink about our evening plans ?”
“Jes, I have an important matter to deal with . I can’t wait for tomorrow. I need to visit Sam’s house. And I called you to ask about the same.”
“Bella, this is what we were about to tell you.”
“What ? I can’t wait till evening. I need to go there. Tell me please.”
“Bella, before an year, Sam renewed the ownership of his house into your name. Now ,his home legally belongs to you.”
“I have been to his house a few times, even though it’s a little far from here. But I always loved his home.”- Bella doesn’t seemed surprise, but her eyes clouded with tears.
“Calm down Bell. This is why, we thought of telling you in person.”- Jesicca noticed a pain in Bella’s voice.
“I am fine Jes. I was about to ask you about the same. I thought somebody would have done something with his house.”- Bella tried to act normal.
“How about we three going together to check on the house?”
“Don’t bother about me Jes. I can manage it alone. You guys have done a lot. Don’t take any more leaves for me. I know you guys have a lot of pending works to deal with . I can catch a bus and moreover, I need some time alone.”
“Then, call us if you need anything . Don’t hesitate, alright ?”
“I won’t think of any others, except you guys. I swear.”
“Take care Bell.”
“You too Jes. Have a good day. I’ll call you later.”
“Likewise. See you Bell.”
“See you.”- Bella hang up the call.

2 years back (Friday).
“Hey Young man !”- Sarah was ready to pick up Sam’s order.
“Hey Mrs. Sarah ! Where’s your friday girl ?”-Sam kept his eyes on the entrance.
“It’s only 4.45pm. Wait for another 15 minutes.”
“Huh ? Another 15 minutes ?”- Sam was impatient.
“Sorry boy. I forgot to mention the time.”-Sarah giggled.
“Well.. Then.. can I get a glass of water please?”-Sam smiled.
“Right away !”- Sarah went inside and delivered him a glass of water.
Minutes have passed. Bella walked into the cafe. Sarah signalized him. Bella without noticing anyone, took her usual unoccupied seat on the corner. Sam raised from his seat and slowly walked towards Bella.
“Hi Bella !”- Sam gently greeted her.
“You again ?”- Bella looked in anger.
“Um.. I know you are angry. I would do the same if I were in your place. I know, I messed things up that day. I am really sorry for that.Can you please let me explain?” – Sam was nervous.
Bella seemed calm. She couldn’t reject him. She kept staring at him.
“May I sit here ?”- Sam asked politely.
Bella nodded her head in approval. Sam explained her the things that actually happened that day.
“I know it was out of line. I don’t really meant to hurt you. My friends asked me to prank you and I…. I messed up everything. Once again, I am really sorry.”- Sam gently explained her everything.
“It’s okay. I get you.”- Bella was really impressed by Sam’s quality of accepting mistakes and moreover the way he talked and apologized to her.
“Orders please !” – Sarah acted like she knew nothing.
“A coffee and for you ?”- Sam responded quickly.
“A cup of hot chocolate.”- Bella smiled at Sarah.
“Right away” – Sarah walked into the kitchen.
“Well, do you wanna talk about that day or about anything or ?”- Sam was trying hard to pick up a conversation.
“I am bad at making friends . And I think I really sucks in a chit-chat.”- Bella interrupted him.
“Um.. I ,actually, am a people person, but I am a little nervous right now .. may be it’s cuz I messed up earlier and..”- Sam blabbered.
“Leave it. You don’t have to mention it everytime. How about talking about ourselves even though I am not sure if this is the best way to begin a conversation ?” – Bella giggled .
“That’s a good idea. How about me talking about myself, first ?” – Sam felt relieved when he saw Bella giggling.
“Yeah. Sure. Go on.”- Bella nodded her head in approval.
“Um… Ok.. Let’s start from the very beginning… My name is Sam Xavier. I am a fashion designer working for my own boutique. Actually, it was an old boutique opened by my parents . They were also designers. But they passed away a few years back in a plane crash. They were on their way to sign a new partnership with a foreign company.”- His eyes turned dull.
“I renewed the boutique when I completed my course. Now I am working there and also doing a PG in the same.”- Sam continued after a pause.
Sarah served them with the coffee and hot chocolate.
Bella was thinking about how to respond to his words.
“Now it’s your turn friday girl.”- Sam noticed the difficulty in her face.
“Friday girl ?” – Bella was curious.
“I realized I messed up everything when Sarah told me about your parents death anniversary. I asked her about you and she told me that you visit here on every fridays.” – Sam giggled.
Bella smiled at him.
“Fine.. My name is Bella John aka the Friday Girl (both giggled). I am a cartoonist. I design new characters for XXC company. I live with my Aunt Ann and I visit here every fridays after spending some time in the church. I get a day off on every fridays. Um… That’s it.”- Bella took a sip.
“Simple and short.”- Sam smiled at her.
“What’s next ?”- Bella was clueless.
“Would you mind if I go through your drawing book”- Sam looked at the drawing book which was placed on the table.
“Um… Yeah.. Sure.”- Bella wasn’t sure when she nodded her head.
Bella handed him the book. Sam carefully opened the book and started going through her drawings.

The bus got stuck in traffic. Bella reminisced the moments he travelled along with Sam.

“Hey, you are Bella right ?” – A strange voice grabbed her attention.
“I am sorry. Do we know each other ?”- Bella stared at her.

( To be continued )

Signature: I love using ‘DEST1819’ as my pen name.

Image uploaded : From Pinterest


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