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I lost my husband when Jovia was 3. So I struggled and suffered a lot to raise her alone. I am an orphan, so doesn’t have a family to support. And Bobby’s ( Jovia’s father) family doesn’t even visited us since he left.

Jovi is my only family. And same for her. I was strict with her, not too much, but not too little. I carefully picked up everything for her. Sometimes, I felt like I am forcing things upon her. But, she always put up a smile and nods her head in approval. I believed that it was best for her. So I don’t bothered about asking her opinion.

When she was 22, she introduced me Robert and told me about their relationship. I was furious and adamant. I adviced her. I told her that I will choose a best man for her. That was the first time she raised her voice for someone or something. She tried to convince me. But finally, she went against my will and married him.

Jovi tried to visit me, but I refused to meet her for a long time. She tried to convince me even after her marriage. But, still I was adamant. She apologized to me. Even now, she continues doing the same.

She visited me yesterday . She brought me fresh flowers. She apologized to me. But I remained silent as always.

As usual, she came today and did the same things. While Jovi and Robert left, I followed them in secret. I hid behind a tree and watched them walking away.

“I’m sorry Jovi. It’s all my fault . You don’t have to apologize. Mom is happy for you. Robert is such a good guy. Mom’s blessings is always with you. I love you both.” – I murmured as they walked away.

I watched them walking away. The hazy fog covered them. I can always listen to her, even though I can only visit her once in a year.

I heard the Bells. I went back before the gates of heaven closed.

Signature: I love using ‘DEST1819’ as my pen name.

Written in response to What Do You See hosted by Sadje.


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