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Oh my lady ! Come down and embrace me.
Look how my eyes glitter,
Bewitched by your beauty.
Coyness or furious?
What does the different shades-
On your face indicate?

Oh my beloved !
I believe you are guarded by the angels.
They may be jealous of your beauty.
No wonder why you remained silent.

I can feel your love,
You embraced me with your shade,
An unspoken passionate cuddle,
I got all your answers.

It doesn’t matter how distant you are,
It doesn’t matter how nights incarcerate you,
Every morning I will be here,
Waiting for your shade to embrace me.

Signature: I love using ‘DEST1819’ as my pen name.

Written in response to What Do You See hosted by Sadje.


Published by Gal of Words

Gal of words✒️, from the world of letters🖋.... Keep in touch to know more about me ☺

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