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“Don’t cross the stone arch. It’s the territory of mermaids and huge fishes. They have given us a little part near the shore to enjoy the sea water. So remember to stay on the boundary.” – I remember how mom used to warn me when I wanna go a little more far into the sea.
“What if we enter the territory of mermaids? All mermaids in grandma’s story seems to like children and moreover they are kind beings who tries to protect those on the shore.”-
“Of course they are kind. They love children too. But that doesn’t mean you can break the boundaries. Their territory is treacherous. So they do not want anyone to visit them. Instead they will visit us one-day and grant all your wishes for being mama’s obedient girl.”- I remember mom’s beautiful words.

My name is Bee. I lost my mom and grandma who was my only family , when I was 10. Ever since, my life turned into a complete disaster. My mom was my everything and I lost her before I started realizing the meaning of life, how hard it could be without anyone ? How to deal everything alone ?
Life was hard and it was getting harder day by day. A girl without anyone was a reason for everyone to take advantage of me. I was being obedient to everyone, but still no mermaid appear to save me, to grant my wishes until that day.
I went near the shore and walked into the sea realizing there was nobody to warn me. I looked back for a moment, before I cross the stone arch. Was I expecting my mom or someone to warn me? I walked forward and drowned deep.

“Bee, I told you not to cross the stone arch”- Mom’s voice banged in my ears. I opened my eyes.

A nurse named Rin was sitting beside me. Her eyes were green. And had a warm smile. I even mistook her as a mermaid for a moment. But when I got a clear vision of her white uniform I understood where I was. It was the first time I saw a beautiful and warm smile after I lost my mom. I spent a week in the hospital. Meanwhile, me and Rin got to know each other. Rin lost her husband and her only child in an accident. She took a long years to overcome her lose.
After a week, I leaved the hospital with my new mom named ‘Rin’. With every legal formalities , she adopted me as her own daughter. She provided me everything.

“Don’t cross the arch honey.”- Bee smiled at her son who was playing on the water.
“Mom, why aren’t the mermaids coming to visit me even though I am being obedient.” – Little Cruz went near Bee.
“You will meet one when the time comes. She was the mermaid who granted my wishes and turned my life into a miracle.” – Bee pointed her finger towards old Rin who was taking a walk on the shore.

Signature: I love using ‘DEST1819’ as my pen name.

Image credit : Whoisbenjamin@ Unsplash

Written in response to What Do You See hosted by Sadje


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