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“I had a brother who was just an year older than me. One day, when I was 4, I cried aloud and my grandma who was preparing sweets for us rushed towards me and carried me to the veranda.” A small village.“What happen sweetheart?”-Grandma asked her affectionately.“Brother isn’t sharing anything with me. He told meContinue reading “IT’S NOT MINE, IT’S OURS!”


AN INCOMPLETE GOODBYE (Continuation – 2)

The front door was locked. Bella pressed the calling bell button.“Welcome home, Bell.”-Jesicca opened the door with a cheer and hugged Bella.“Thank you Jes.”-Bella vaguely remembered seeing Jesicca while she was at the hospital in half consciousness. Bella noticed Tom arranging the fruit basket with some fruits. He was trying to put on a happyContinue reading “AN INCOMPLETE GOODBYE (Continuation – 2)”


“Bella, why don’t you get some more sleep,dear?” -asked aunt Ann.“But the golden door? ” -Bella sighed.“Bella, you doesn’t look good. you should rest more. Everything will be alright once you wake up. ““Yeah, I will. But right now, I need an answer. Where’s that door, theā€¦ ‘the golden door’?”“Bella, there isn’t any golden doorContinue reading “AN INCOMPLETE GOODBYE (Continuation-1)”